The "Fately" in Fatelyfoto

My interest in photography began about five decades ago and turned into a passion not long thereafter. I have been practicing the craft ever since and over the years have gravitated to two distinct disciplines: artistic images meant for display and event-type shooting.

On the "artsy" side, my eye is drawn to patterns and colors as well as textures and interesting juxtapositions, usually as found in nature. I create these images with the final intent of generating large (i.e. - poster-size) final prints for hanging. I have discovered that prints on aluminum or sometimes glass make for images with the most visual impact.

I also find myself drawn to events where people are enjoying themselves at some sort of function. When I work an event, whether a roller derby match, wedding or picnic for a non-profit organization, I make an effort to seek out and find expressions and moments in time that tell the story of the day. I often interact with the attendees in a manner that elicits genuinely joyful responses and also keep an eye out for candid opportunities. At the end of the day, my goal is to deliver a series of photographs that tell a memorable story.